Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You will DIE!

Oh gosh. Look what came in today!! The last of my Tim Holtz order but the very best part.

We got configurations:

These are the coolest little boxes that you can do pretty much anything with. We have three of the four sizes.

We got salvage stickers:

We have both of the packs. We have the lost and found pack and the seasonal one. These stickers are the BOMB!

We got trimmings:

Some oh so pretty white trim from Mr. Holtz!

We got the seasonal PAPER PACK:

So this paper pack is FABulous. It is filled with paper for every holiday. The Christmas sheets will almost give you a heart attack.

Come in and get some while it's still here. Mr. Tim's products go quickly.

We also changed the front windows and added some fall decorations to them. I plan on changing the stove tomorrow night to highlight some different products. I also plan on doing some scrapping with some great fall pics that I took today.

We visited the Pumpkin Patch!

Happy Thursday!

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