Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just for laughs!

Hey guys! Thought I would share a photo with you of my friends and I from a honey-do shower that we attended this past weekend, you know, just for laughs!

Hope you are having a great Thursday! Be back later with a post about some new products that I know you will love!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Special Hours for Friday, October 22

Hey peeps!

Tomorrow, Friday, October 22, we will not be open our regular hours. We will open at 11:15 and then close at 6:00. I am sorry for the late opening. We are not going to be making this a habit, but, please understand things do come up! Taylor will be here to open up and welcome you guys right in at 11:15am.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Come and visit us this weekend!


For Your Viewing Pleasure

Hey! Here are a couple of layouts that I have had the pleasure of completing in the past week!

Title: Fall in love with you life it's a beautiful one

I only used the Scarlett collection from Glitz for this layout. The collection is FABulous. I am going to use it soooo much!

Title: As quickly as the seasons change so do you

I used a few different random embellishments for this layout. I used some vintage ribbon and gorgeous ribbon from Webster's Pages. I also used the circle die cuts from Pretty Little Studio's in the fall package.

Hope you enjoyed! Did I mention?? I love fall!


10 things I love Wednesday (on Thursday)

Hey peeps! Here is some stuff that I am lovin this week!

Number 1!
This fall layout!

Number 2!
This baby is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. She is the daughter of a girl whose blog that I follow. Her name is gemma..pronounced jemma. She is so pretty with the long blonde hair and chunky little limbs. They are always posting the cutest pics of her. Beautiful babies could inspire just about anybody, in my opinion!

Number 3!
This kitchen. I much love it!

Number 4!
These pics of what Mr. Tim Holtz has done with his configuration boxes. I am thinking of doing a class with these in November! Whatcha think?

Number 5!
Some recent pics that Mr. Clint Shuttlesworth has taken. He is our photographer for our case you didn't know who I was talking about. I take bridals in three weeks and I'm thrilled to see what he does with me!

Number 6!
This little layout. Love that it just has a cute illustration and quote. I might do one like this soon!

Number 7!
Sugarland. If you have known me for any length of time, there is no secret that I am obsessed with Sugarland. I listen to their music tons and I'm so ready for their new CD to come out. I often fantasize about being Jennifer's BFF. I also want her hair when I chop mine off!

Number 8!
Love this layout too!

Number 9!
These recent pics of my LuLu. (my godchild) We went to the Pumpkin Patch and then spent the day at my grandparents. BTW we just found out that she will be having a baby sister. That means more bows, pink, and baby dolls! Gotta love it!

Number 10!
This peak at Ali Edwards' December Daily project! Love this project. I admire it every year and I have yet to complete one. I am definately going to try to do one this year. I will post more about December Daily later!

Well guys, I am going to try to get some inspiration for November classes. Hope you are all closing the week with good things! See ya soon!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Glitz has finally arrived!

Hey guys! I had been waiting on Glitz for months now and, yesterday, it finally got here. The anticipation had been killing me. I was never a HUGE Glitz fan before. However, I am in love with their new lines. Their new stuff blows anything that they have ever done out of the water. I love it! We got all three new collections and almost everything from each collection. I am posting a few pics but remember there's lots more here at the store, so, you'll have to come by to check it out!

Here's some of the paper:

Some of the rub-ons:

Some stickers:

Some what nots:

And some stamps (love love love these):

There you go! Like I said, that's just a little bit of what we have in the store. And, of course, since we got new product, the store got moved around. I just ordered some Melissa Frances Christmas stuff and I think that you will love it! I also ordered more Tim Holtz paper and stickers so it should be here tomorrow or Thursday for those of you who missed out!

Come on in and get some Glitz!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Closed for a bit Today!

Hey guys. Inspire will be closed from 2:00-3:00pm today. Sorry, I have to go handle some business at the house!

Come by soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey guys! I was so surprised when the UPS man dropped off this package this morning. I ordered the new Sassafras stuff on Tuesday and it is already here. I LOVE it. There are these FABulous mini alphas.

The entwined blossoms also arrived. They are really cool. They have thread on them. They are also a pretty big size. These are bigger than their usual little flowers!

Okay and these are by far my favorite. These are little emellishements that are like vintage brooches. They are the bomb diggity!

Hope you come in soon for some of this goodness. We also have a few spots left for our crop tonite. Be sure to sign up!

Much love ladies!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You will DIE!

Oh gosh. Look what came in today!! The last of my Tim Holtz order but the very best part.

We got configurations:

These are the coolest little boxes that you can do pretty much anything with. We have three of the four sizes.

We got salvage stickers:

We have both of the packs. We have the lost and found pack and the seasonal one. These stickers are the BOMB!

We got trimmings:

Some oh so pretty white trim from Mr. Holtz!

We got the seasonal PAPER PACK:

So this paper pack is FABulous. It is filled with paper for every holiday. The Christmas sheets will almost give you a heart attack.

Come in and get some while it's still here. Mr. Tim's products go quickly.

We also changed the front windows and added some fall decorations to them. I plan on changing the stove tomorrow night to highlight some different products. I also plan on doing some scrapping with some great fall pics that I took today.

We visited the Pumpkin Patch!

Happy Thursday!