Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Class Details

Here are the details for the October classes. The artist is still at work for the Find the Artist Within Canvas Album Class. I will post supplies, class cost, and pictures sometime next week!

Find the Artist Within: Canvas can be quite intimadating. The word canvas is most associated with art and you would assume you need to be an artist to play with it. With this canvas album, you will become comfortable with simple techniques that will transform not only your album and how you scrap, but how you see yourself. We are all artists to some degree, or else we wouldn't be scrappers or crafters. So prepare to get messy as you find the artist within! We will be resisting, embossing, misting, stamping, painting, crumpling, transferring, and drawing!

Join Michelle Gauthreaux on Saturday, October 9th at 4pm to create a beautiful canvas album. In her class, you will feel like a true artist while learning tons of FABulous and easy techniques.

Space limited to 12 students!

Not Just a Painter's Tray: This great piece from 7gypsies is more than just a painter's tray. This is a piece where you can find memories, inspiration, and little pieces of life unfolded.

Join Ashley on Saturday, October 16 at 3:30pm for Not Just a Painter's Tray. In this class, you will use, one of a kind, vintage pieces, beautiful photos of your choice, and other great embellishments to create an amazing piece of memorabilia.

The cost of the class is $40 a person. Here is what you need to bring: edge distresser, scissors, liquid adhesive, 3-d adhesive, stapler/tiny attacher, black ink pad, rub-on tool, foam paintbrush, and 4 pictures measuring 3x4 inches, or, 4 photos that can be cut down to this size.

Space is limited to 10 students!

What are you waiting for??? Sign up, like NOW!

Much love,

October Calendar

Hey ya'll! Here's the October calendar! Hope you can join us for some of the events that we have going on!

Wednesday, October 6th @ 6:30pm: Scrapbooking 102. This class will build on the skills learned in Scrapbooking 101. It will allow you to expand your knowledge of product and techniques while creating a beautiful 12x12 layout! Class cost: $20

Saturday, October 9th @ 4:00pm: Find the Artist Within Canvas Album. Join Michelle Gauthreaux to create a beautiful canvas album while learning tons of techniques! Class Cost: TBA. Class Limit: 12 students.

Saturday, October 9th from 10:00am-2:00am: All Day Crop! Come in at 10am or at your earliest convenience to shop and crop all day. Get inspired from the ladies around you while the mojo flows everywhere. Cost of Crop: $10. Spend $50 in the store and crop for free! Crop Limit: 12 people!

Friday, October 15th from 6:00pm-2:00am: Crop night! If you can't make it out for the Saturday crop, come on over for a Friday night one. There will be lots of laughs, inspiration, and creativity. Cost of Crop: $7. Spend $25 in the store and crop for free! Crop Limit: 15 people!

Saturday, October 16th @ 3:30pm: Not Just a Painter's Tray! Join Ashley Robinson to create a piece of memorabilia in a FABulous painter's tray from 7 gypsies. Class Cost: $40. Class Limit: 10 students!

Make sure you call the store (985-227-9970) or e-mail us ( to sign up! Spaces are limited! Remember, you must pay for classes when you book them!

I hope to see you cropping or taking a class soon!

10 things I love day late...oops!

Hey guys here are 10 new things that I am loving up on!

Number one!
This precious towel that I ordered for a special person in my life. I know she will die when she gets it!

Number two!
This FAB hairdo! Definately adding this to a wedding option.

Number three!
This precious little illustration!

Number four!
These vintage inspired measuring spoons from Anthropologie. These will be purchased for my new married lady kitchen!

Number five!
This layout. I love it and I wanna scraplift it soooo bad!

Number six!
Listening to my favorite Christmas cd of all time that I made about 5 years ago. Oh, and dancing to said cd in the store at the end of September. What can i say, it inspires me when I'm trying to create!

Number seven!
These cute cupcake displays! Man I wanna do this for a Make-N-Take! I would love to have a cupcake and coffee shop in the store! Eh um...Michelle!

Number eight!
These Christmas projects are so stinkin cute!

Number nine!
These mustard colored towels! Love them!

Number ten!
This great outfit!

Okay there you go! Now, i need a pumpkin spice latte..anyone else??
See ya guys later!

So Sorry!

Hey guys! So sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I know I owe you a 10 things I love. I have been a little sick with some weird stomach thing for the past couple of days. That is also why I have not sent or posted the October calendar yet. Please bear with me. I should be posting the calendar by the end of the week. I have just been swamped here trying to place orders and catch up on all of the paperwork that has accumulated. Then, I had to take a hiatus yesterday because I was not feeling well. I promise to get the calendar out as soon as I can! Thanks for all of your continued support!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

By the Way!!

Oh, I forgot to post the winner of the camera that was given away during Grand Opening weekend. The winner of the camera is the lovely Paula Schoest. She is a dear friend of mine and I was so happy when Taylor pulled her name. I promise the drawing was NOT rigged. There were numerous witnesses in the store when her name was pulled.

Hope you enjoy the camera Paula!

Much love,

Such a FABulous Grand Opening Event

This weekend's Grand Opening was FABulous. I was so glad so many of you were able to come and visit the store this weekend. Thanks for all of your positive feedback, kind comments, and generous purchases. I really appreciate it. I can't stop saying "Praise the Lord," because I feel that God deserves all of the glory for the store. He plopped the store in my lap, I took the risk and went with it, and now, he is blessing this place so much!

I was able to see so many old friends this weekend and meet so many new ones. This is my favorite part of this job!

Me and Taylor (Thanks for all of your help this weekend! I am so glad that you will be working at the store and I know the customers are too!)

Me and my Mom (Thanks for all of your love and support Mom!) My Mom started scrapping this weekend for the first time. I think she's hooked!

Me, Mrs. Mary, and Mrs. Cindy (Thanks for coming out!) So glad these ladies came out this weekend. They are always so much fun!

Me and Heather (Thanks for making the drive here! I know it took you a while! ;) Oh, and thanks for the sweet words on your blog!) This girl is so sweet. I spent about 2 hours on her blog the other day! It is funny! You need to check it out!

We had croppers, shoppers, and people taking the Straight from the Rooftop class this weekend. It was so fun! I even got to crop on Friday night. I laughed so hard with some FAB peeps that were at the crop. We had a blast! I loved feeling all of the creativity in the place this weekend. The Straight from the Rooftop class went well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The finished products were the bomb!

Mrs. Meryl and Kat cropping

During the Straight from the Rooftop class (Mrs. Lilly her..she's such a loyal customer!)

Just a few of the end results! Love em!

After such a busy weekend, I spent the day Sunday cleaning and completely rearranging the store. I was tired of it already. I know that I am going to want to do this every Sunday now. It feels so good to have a little freshened up look! I also spent some time with the boo. (not enough, never enough) We enjoyed some Pumpkin spice lattes. Let me tell you, I am now obsessed with Pumpkin spice lattes! Be prepared to hear them blogged about quite often. We also took lots of Polaroids and listened to Christmas music, and maybe even danced a little!

I am off now to work on some projects and try to decide what I want to do for my October class so that I can get the calendar out ASAP. Also hoping to have another FAB local person teach a class too! I hope you all had a great weekend! Welcome to this new, beautiful week!

Go create something!


Today, I wore:

Tights and boots!

A beenie hat!

Today I ate and drank:

Perfect Oatmeal with brown sugar and a pumpkin spice latte (my latest ADD obsession)

And do you know what all of this means?
Fall is here (well at least in my world)
And I am so stinkin giddy it is ridiculous!

And, even though some people may be looking at me like I'm nuts in their shorts and tanks, I don't care...I'm calling this meeting of Fall to order and I'm breaking out the wardrobe out and everything that goes with it!

Be back in a bit with a post about the Grand Opening!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Arrivals and Grand Opening Event!

Hey guys! Today we received a couple more paper lines. These lines are perfect for scrappin those little guys! They are full of navy, grey, green, orange, and tons of great patterns for boys! The two lines are from Scrap Within Reach. The only downside is that neither line comes with any embellishments. It is just paper and alpha stickers. But, I think that you guys can come up with something to embellish with. Here are some of the papers!

Georgia Rain:

District 409:

Those are just a few that we have here! Also, Pretty Little Studio should be arriving tomorrow. I am restocking all of the precious things that sold out on the first day open and getting a few new things.

Tomorrow also begins the Grand Opening Event. We have some great peeps coming to crop for the weekend. We also begin taking chances for the FABulous instamatic camera.

Come in, spend $100 in the store, and you will get a chance to win. The winner will be pulled Saturday night after the students of the Straight from the Rooftop class and the croppers roll out! I can't wait to see who wins. This camera is one of my favorite things that I own and I know the winner will have lots of fun with it too!

Also, join us tomorrow here at the store and you can munch on some drumettes, sandwiches, and tea cookies from Rouses, sip on a Pepsi, and create a Make-n-Take!
Tomorrow's Make-n-Take is the cute little wood decor.

You get to customize this piece from the shape of the wood to the color of the ink. Join Taylor at the Make-n-Take table from 11am-6pm to create this cute little decor piece.

I can't wait to see all of you in the store this weekend! Hope you have a great Friday. I'm headed to the gym for a very belated, much needed run!

Peace out,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Well, I just finished Scrapbooking 101 with two pretty amazing ladies. Miss Shelia Toups and Miss Midge Bourgeois. They were a complete blast and their layouts came out FABulous. Thanks for coming out tonite guys and I really hope that you come back.

I tried to take a pic of these lovely ladies to post to the blog but my camera died, of course. I got a couple of Polaroids for my bulletin board though.

The winner of the giveaway today is Miss Shelia Toups. Shane pulled her name just as they were leaving the class and I had to run through the parking lot to catch her. It was a sight!! Anyways, she won a goodie bag full of products from the lovely Jenni Bowlin. I hope she loves it!! Congratulations Miss Shelia!! Yayyyyy!

Today was another great day! Thanks to all of you who are supporting the store. I am selling out of so much stuff. I will place orders at the end of the week! Hope to see you all soon!

Happy Hump Day!

10 Things I love Wednesday!

So, I am back with 10 things that I love and that inspire me in some kind of way!

Number 1!
This book! I must have it! It is called Awkward Family Photos. Being scrapbookers, I know you have all seen at least one awkward family photo. The book is filled with different ones and then gives its own description of them. It is hilarious. Me and Shane must have it for our coffee table!

And just for are some very AWKWARD family photos that I found while cruising around online!

Wow! I could literally wet my pants looking at those! I have an awkward family photo of my own and it is actually my favorite family photo. I love it so much because it shows everyone's personalities. Maybe I will share next week!

Number 2!
This vintage dress. If you have visited the store, you know I love vintage. Clothes are no exception. I may wear some of my vintage finds this weekend!

Number 3!
This house! Oh God Lord Jesus I could just die. It is beautiful! Then, to top it all off it is covered with snow. Ahhh!

Number 4!
Almost as good as a real house..a cake house. It is too cute. It is supposed to be a replica of the farmhouse from the Wizard of Oz. I love how they did the different layers!

Number 5!
This quote is FABulous! I have definately learned the truth in this over the last few months. I also love that it is in a latte cup! YUMMY!

Number 6!
These vintage shoes with bows are so cute!

Number 7!
This photo! Doesn't it just melt your heart?

Number 8!
This layout. I love love love it! It is so great. It is done by one of the garden girls from Two Peas in a Bucket!

Number 9!
Love these outfits from Anthropologie.

Number 10!
This island is perfect. I want one for our new kitchen (wherever that will be :)

Well, I hope that provided a little visual inspiration for you! I'm off to get back to work! I hope to be back later tonite or tomorrow with a little challenge for all of you!