Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be still my heart!

Here's one of the new Sassafras lines. It is soft, pretty, and oh so lovely. I love it. It's gonna be perfect for shane and I's new little godchild. I can't wait to use it!

oh, and the name rocks. Sweetly Smitten

OH GOD I LOVE THIS ONE. it's so bold! i love the print! I LOVE IT!

OH I LOVE THESE! especially the ones with the old photographs!

Oh i am definately smitten :)



Taylor and I will be attending CHA (market) this week. Therefore, the store will be closed from THURSDAY, JANUARY 27TH-TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We will be in California getting some new, awesome products for the store. If you are trying to call to sign up for classes/crops during the days we are closed, obviously, no one will be here to answer. Please e-mail me on these days to sign up. I will be checking my e-mails the entire time we are gone.

I will try to posts pics while we are on our trip. See you when we get back!


P.S. I'll tell Tim Holtz and Jenni Bowlin you said Hi! he! he! I have to tease :)

February Calendar

Here's the calendar for the month of February:

February 4th-6th: We are kicking the month off with a weekend crop. We will have the crop open on Friday from 11am-2am Saturday, Saturday from 10am-2am Sunday, and Sunday 11am-6pm. I will be giving away 2 big prizes for croppers. There will also be drinks and our regular prize pulling. If you sign up for the entire weekend, it is free. If you crop just one day, it is $7.

Saturday, February 5th: Join Michelle Gauthreaux for the Love Songs record class at 5pm. The cost of the class is $25. You can find more info and photos of the class under the tab at the top of the blog that says Love Songs Record Class.

Friday, February 18th: Make-n-Takes and Cupcakes Party. Join Taylor, Vera, and myself for a party filled with make-n-takes and cupcakes. The cover charge for the party is $15 and I will be giving away an instax wide camera. You can find more information under the tab at the top that says Make-n-Takes and Cupcakes Party.

Saturday, February 19th: Join me, Ashley, for the Gotta Love Canvas class at 5pm. The class cost will be $35 and there will be pictures and more info coming soon. We will be creating an 11x14 canvas and learning a few fun techniques.

Call or e-mail to sign up today!!!


Love Song class

Hey ya'll! I am excited to show you the class that will be taking place on Saturday, February 5th at 5pm. The class will be taught by the FAB Michelle Gauthreaux and will cost you $25. Here's a look at the class:

There's something about a love song. There's something about the look of a record. This class combines the charm of both. Join Michelle to create this lovely layout on an old record. The best part, you get to choose the name of your record. That's right, you get to customize the center of your record. You will use some great products and easy techniques to create this pretty little piece. You can hang this on the wall, put it on a plate stand, or just stick it somewhere in your home or office. It is a great way to showcase a song that you love and a photo of the person that has stolen your heart.

As always, call (985-227-9770) or e-mail ( us to sign up!


(p.s. Remember, we will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, January 27th through Tuesday, February 1st because we will be at CHA. If you can't reach us over the phone, just e-mail! I will be checking e-mails the entire time we are gone!)

Cupcakes? Anyone

Okay so a few days ago I posted some precious pics of some delicious cupcakes. Some of you had guesses and a few of you were close. Here's what's going on:

That's right! We are having a Make-n-Takes and Cupcakes Party on Friday, February 18th from 6:30pm-8:30pm. I am so excited about this little event. Taylor, Vera, and myself have been brainstorming ideas on a cute little party that we could do in February and this is what we came up with. Yes, I know it is after Valentine's Day but we want to keep the love alive for the entire month of February. Here's how the party will work. It will be open to 15 people. It will cost $15 for the party. We will have a precious table set up with lots of pink cupcakes and candy and some vintage accents just to make it cute. We will have a table of inspiration set up too. All layouts and projects with a love theme. You will come in and complete three great Make-n-Takes with Taylor, Vera, and me! You will learn a couple of easy, fun techniques that you can use over and over again.

Well, I'm sure you wanna see what you will be making, so, here ya go!

Vera's Make-n-Take:

This is a different twist on a keepsake box. You will create a little keepsake cup from a Starbucks cup. This is a place where you can keep little notes or pics from your hunnie or your children. You will use collaging (don't think that's a word) techniques and get your hands dirty with gel medium and paint!

Taylor's Make-n-Take:

Taylor's Make-n-Take is a little hanger that you can put anywhere you want in your home. For her Make-n-Take the picture is definately the focus. You will learn a cool image transfer technique using some Hambly paper. Bring a picture of your hunnie or your little kiddos. Heck, bring a picture of an ex if you want. Taylor used a picture of her Mom and one of her Mom's past boyfriends. He! He! Hope her Dad's not mad. But, I do love the idea of an old dance photo. So cute!

My Make-n-Take:

My Make-n-Take is an altered wooden frame. I just love creating these frames. They are great for anywhere in your home. They are also good for giving as a little gift. Don't worry, if you don't want a Love theme, we will have lots of paint and die-cuts so that you can personalize your frame how you wish. We will use a cool painting technique with masking tape.

Oh and let me also mention that I will be giving one of THESE away!

Ummm yea AWESOME i know! It is a little different from the one that I gave away for the grand Opening. This one takes Wider pics. This is what the pics look like!

(This photo is from the lovely blog of Rachel Denbow -

So, with all of that said, you DO NOT wanna miss this cute little party that is going down at Inspire. You can call us (985-227-9970) or e-mail us ( to sign up.

This is a great way for you peeps that don't like to pack up all of your stuff to crop to make your way here for some socializing and creating time! Please join us we are really looking forward to this little party!


(p.s. don't forget that we will be closed from tomorrow, thursday, january 27th till tuesday, february 1st because we will be at CHA so please e-mail if you can't get in touch with us through the phone!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can you even handle this?? I think NOT!!

Here they are! Tim's new stamps. Seriously, just STOP IT!

That man! I swear. I am sweating right now.


My Scrapbook Company Boo has done it again!

Sassafras is my boo in the scrapbooking world, as was established the other day. Here is their first sneak at one of their new lines. The idea is for these papers to be a starting point to your projects and layouts. All i have to say is HELP ME LORD! I just absolutely love this!


I know only four papers...but they are teasing. They promised more to come soon! I sure freakin hope so!

This just makes me giddy.


Favor, Please?!

So I need a favor from you guys. Obviously, I would love to order absolutely everything from every company at CHA. However, I am on a budget. And, now that I'm married I actually have to stick to it. HE! HE! So, I am on the fence about these two lines from Cosmo Cricket. Since I want only the best in the store for you guys, you needa vote! Please tell me if you think I should order these lines. I am thinking no to Social Club and yes to Upcycle. Tell me what YOU think!

Here they are:

Social Club


There you have it! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Yay or Nay!