Friday, December 31, 2010

Time for Scrapping

Lately, I have been blessed with time for scrapping. Unbelievable huh?? It has been so nice to have my scrap stuff back at home and, surprisingly, I have had more time to scrap than usual. Here is a peek at some layouts that I have done!

Title: Baby It's Cold Outside

Title: Christmas Morning is the Bomb!

Title: Remember this Day

Title: Release

So there are a few. I have plans to do more projects this weekend. I am going to decorate a little nook in the apartment with a love theme for February. I am not really a big Valentine's Day person but I am embracing new things this year.

Speaking of this year, I am also not a New Year's resolution person. I do not make new year's resolutions EVER! And, usually, I am not into everyone acting like the new year is a new start because I like to freshen up myself and my life as much as I can throughout the year. However, this year I am into the whole new year thing. This year, I am determined to make some BIG HUGE GINORMOUS changes in my life. I have lots of ideas for different things that I want to do and to not do. I also have little projects and other things that I want to create this year. I want to sorta get back to the basics in my life and start doing things that I used to get joy from that I have let slide the last couple of years. I am pumped for the new year and my new chapter. I think it will be a calm, lovely adventure.

So what are your plans tomorrow night? I'm pretty excited about mine. Three of my besties are coming over and we are having a cooking, champagne, wedding video kind of gathering. We are laying low in sweats and just spending some fun, quality time together. Shane is working so I'm ringing in the year with some pretty amazing peeps. I hope you have some great plans. I hope you are ready for 2011. I AM!

PS: Sign up for the class and crop in January ASAP!!!!

Love you guys!
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things Happening in January!

Hey Guys! I hope that all of your holidays were magical and joyful. I hope you got everything that you wished for. I am so excited about the new year at Inspire. I am thrilled to have the wedding planning over and I am ready to bring some great things into our little scrapbooking world.

This month, we will be closed at the end of the month due to CHA. CHA is market in the scrapbooking world and Taylor and I can't wait to hop on the plane and head out to get some great product for the store. Since we will both be gone, the store will be closed. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Just make sure to get in there and get what you need before we leave. Check the calendar for the days that we will be closed.

Keep checking the blog for new arrivals at the store because I have ordered a few mid-releases and we will soon be getting all of the CHA lines in the store. Also, we now have a SALE section at Inspire. Come in and get some product for a great price!

I am so excited to tell you that we are having a two day crop this month. Our Tacky Christmas Event was a huge hit in December and I am hoping to be able to have two and three day crops as often as I can this year. I know how much you all love packing up your stuff, getting a sitter for a couple of days, and having some lovely scrap time with some wonderful people. On Friday, January 14th and Saturday, January 15th we will be having a two day crop from 11am-2am the following morning. I know you all have some great Christmas pictures that you are dying to scrap. This weekend would be a great time to do that!

Also, I am teaching this month. I am excited about my class. I have always wanted to do a Year in Review layout and this month I did. Join me on Saturday, January 15th for my "Year In Review" double page layout class. You will love getting your entire year scrapped and I would love to see you there.

Be sure to have your credit card on hand when e-mailing or calling to sign up for the class. Remember, your spot is not saved until your class fee is paid!

Don't forget, we will be closed Thursday, December 30, Friday, December 31, and Saturday, January 1 for the New Year holiday! Everyone have fun and stay safe. Start the year of with a bang! Kick 2011's butt from Day 1!!!! I know I plan to!

Peeks at Year in Review class:

Pick up the phone and call or start typing out an e-mail to sign up today!
See you soon!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas guys! Hope it was magic!

I know mine was!

I have to take a moment to give God some glory. My mom went into the hospital on Monday for what is supposed to be a simple procedure. She was supposed to go home Tuesday. There were some very serious complications and we came close to losing her on Tuesday. She is home now and doing better. Praise God for keeping his hand on her. She is everything to me and my family and we are so blessed that she was kept protected by the big man!

Love ya'll bunches!

PS. I plan on hibernating in the scraproom Monday to work on January classes. Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

25 Christmas Inspirations

Well, since we are having our Tacky Chirstmas Event and our 12 Inspirations of Christmas class, I am feeling inspired to give you some Christmas inspiration. (Wow that was a lot of words with inspire!)

Anyways, here are just 25 pictures with a little bit of Christmas eye candy. Yes, I know that this is random! Enjoy!

Well, hope that inspired you!!

Happy Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Honeymoon Part 2

Hey guys! Our Tacky Christmas Event is now under way and we are having a blast. We have a few beautiful ladies here right now cropping and we will have more trickling in throughout the weekend. The Christmas music is blaring and the Christmas tree candle is burning. Ahhhh I love it!

Anyways, I promised I would continue to share peeks from our Honeymoon, so here ya go. Here are some shots from the first day and night there.

On the first day we went to Tinsel Trading Company. After that, we ate at a little french bistro. It was delish. Shane really enjoyed his sandwich. I enjoyed the view of the people busily running around the city.

After we ate, we headed to Bryant Park where there was a little Christmas Festival. There were different little booths set up with tons of unique Christmas gifts. No offense, but it put Southdown to shame. He he! It was so cool to see the talented people set up sharing their projects with us.

After Bryant Park, we walked around for a while and then headed to the room to get all dolled up for the Rockettes. We saw the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall and then grabbed some very good burgers!

We headed to Times Square after eating and went to the M&M place. Shane thoroughly enjoyed filling up his little baggie with all the M&Ms of his dreams. We also got our moods read by the mood reader. We both got something about being stylish and cool. :)

Then, we went to Toys R Us. Now, the Toys R Us over there is pretty darn cool. There is a huge ferris wheel in the middle where you can see the whole store and the city through the windows. Each car is based off of old games and toys. We were in line to get the Barbie car but then these dumb stupid (yes, i know i get fired up about it) little pre-teens that should have been being supervized by their parents cut the line and got the Barbie car. Ughhhhhhh don't get me started. I really wanted that Barbie car. We got stuck with the little people car. We pouted the whole time. We even complained to a worker.

After that, we were beat and hit the sack. Day one was over!

I'll be back with more peeks later!
Let me get back to the tackiness!

Love you guys!