Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miss Ella Grace

Hey guys! I hope that you had a blessed weekend. I know that I did. This week has been so great. We got lots of great new product in, I got to spend some quality time with two of my favorite people for four days, and my newest little crush arrived on Thursday.

I know that this blog is supposed to be for the store, but, I am a proud Nannie and I must share with you our family's newest addition.

Meet Miss Ella Grace Guidry.

Ella is the daughter of my cousin Kasi. Kasi is the mom of Hayden and Madelyn (you know her as LuLu). Kasi is like a sister to me. The Guidrys asked Shane and I to be Nannie and Paran to little miss Ella and we are so honored.

The Guidrys are so important to Shane and I. We adore them and love them more than I could ever explain to you guys. They are such an important and huge part of our lives. I would have been lost without them this past year. Kasi literally held me together. The kids bring such a joy to our lives and we can never ever get enough of them. Jason is a great great guy and we enjoy spending time with them.

We were ecstatic when we found out they were going to have another baby and I, of course, was thrilled to have another girl to scrap.

Here are some photos from the past few days.

I was thrilled when Kasi and Jason asked me to share in the very personal moment of Ella's birth. It was a touching, once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure and forever be thankful for.

Ella's first few moments with her big brother and big sister. Those two are going to give her a run for her money. But, they will love her and protect her so much! They are already hooked!

Checking out Miss Ella. All itching to get our hands on her. I think LuLu will have to share her boyfriend because Shane is definately crushin on the new lady.

Umm yea this one definately melts my a lot.

Shane's love is so pure and geniune. He isn't very vocal or physical about it but he loves truly and deeply from the bottom of his heart. I think that Ella already has him wrapped.

And here are a few of Ella!

So, there you have it, Miss Ella Grace. You will definately be seeing her popping up in some layouts around the store.

In other news: we should be getting more shipments in this week. Hopefully! I am also working on March's calendar so you betta be ready to crop.

See you all soon!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hey guys. I am scrapping tonite using some of our new stuff and I want you to join with me. I will give you three bits of inspiration and you have to use them any way that you like.

E-mail me your results by Wednesday, March 2nd ( you could win some free goodies from Inspire.

Here's your inspirations:


Use this to inspire your creation in any way. Use the simplicity, the way it's centered, or anything else.

use some red

use a stamp somewhere, somehow.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Sassafras!!!! Oh heck Yea!!!

Hey you guys. Today was an exciting day. I became a Nannie for the second time to another beautiful girl and Shane became a Paran for the first time. Little Ella Grace is our new godchild and I will post pics of her soon!

In other amazing news, Sassafras is having a new little promotion on their blog and they chose, US, Inspire, as their first peeps for the promotion. They are trying to promote their small retail stores that sell their amazing products. So, they are giving away free stuff.

For every $20 that you spend on Sassafras from yesterday until March 1st, your name goes into a drawing. If you are picked you will receive free goodies from Sassafras.

You can check out their blog to see our spotlight and the deets about the promotion.

I am sooooo excited about this. So, come on out to the store and get busy gettin some Sassafras. Let's support such an amazing company that supports us!!

Remember, we have all of their new CHA products in the store now!!

By the way, Jenni Bowlin has arrived at the store and as soon as I am able to I will make my way to the store to put it into the computer.

Hope to see you all soon!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Prima is here...well some of it!

Hey peeeps! Prima's new stuff is here. Well, some of it. About half of my order did not come in. I'm assuming it's on backorder, which is ridiculous since I ordered it at the show. However, i will not bash the companies on the blog. I just wish it would have all come in. Anyways, here is what we did get!

Yes I know such pretty little flowers. Love these. The lace is pretty AMAZE too. I can't wait to head home. I am feeling very creative for the second day in a row. So exciting. Last night, I played with the new Sassafras. If you wanna see what I made, just go to my blog.

I will be gone from the store for the rest of the week. Shane and I's new godchild will be born on Thursday and we have the other two kiddos until Saturday/Sunday. I am very excited for a new squirmy, squeeky, beautiful little girl. I can't wait! I just pray that the other two adjust well. Anyways, I will post pics of her arrival this week.

Come visit Taylor for new goodies.

Happy Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Jenni Bowlin goodness shipped out today. Should be here soon!

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's here

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, it's here! You know I am grinning ear to ear right now because it's here it's here! Sassafras has arrived. I came to the store this morning just to snipe out the UPS man's arrival for all of my, yes my, new Sassafras goodness. He got here and I was outta the door standing by his truck. It kinda scared him but hey, I'll do what I gotta do for my favorite products. He doesn't even realize the precious cargo that he carries. He must think, this crazee freakin lady is stalking me for a box of paper, c'mon. Anyways, I am putting it all in the system now and pricing it and putting it out. It will be ready for your fingers Tuesday morning. So, come and get it!

Here's a reminder at just how yummy it all is!

That is only a fraction of what we got. So, come in and see the rest and take it home to create. I know I am.

Happy Happy Monday to me! and you, of course!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Complete Yumminess!

So, finally, here's October Afternoon's new lines. They are yummy to say the least.



Yes, I know all of this is great but don't get your panties in a bunch too soon. Unfortunately, October Afternoon is not on it's A game so don't expect this in the store too soon.

What you can expect soon though is the new Sassafras and the new Prima. Sassafras is supposed to be delivered on Monday. I will be waiting at the store for it because I can't stand to wait until Tuesday. I gotta get my hands on that stuff. Prima is scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday. We have some pretty little flowers and embelishments coming from them.

Hope you will be visiting soon!
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