Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Prima is here...well some of it!

Hey peeeps! Prima's new stuff is here. Well, some of it. About half of my order did not come in. I'm assuming it's on backorder, which is ridiculous since I ordered it at the show. However, i will not bash the companies on the blog. I just wish it would have all come in. Anyways, here is what we did get!

Yes I know such pretty little flowers. Love these. The lace is pretty AMAZE too. I can't wait to head home. I am feeling very creative for the second day in a row. So exciting. Last night, I played with the new Sassafras. If you wanna see what I made, just go to my blog. www.ashmarie23.blogspot.com

I will be gone from the store for the rest of the week. Shane and I's new godchild will be born on Thursday and we have the other two kiddos until Saturday/Sunday. I am very excited for a new squirmy, squeeky, beautiful little girl. I can't wait! I just pray that the other two adjust well. Anyways, I will post pics of her arrival this week.

Come visit Taylor for new goodies.

Happy Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Jenni Bowlin goodness shipped out today. Should be here soon!


  1. Love your blog! I will be back! :0)

  2. OHHHH - Prima pretties!!! I need some...maybe chemo will be nice next week and I can sneak over and get some :)