Sunday, August 29, 2010

September Classes

Here is all of the info on the classes taking place in September! Please call (985-227-9970) or e-mail ( the store to sign-up!

Scrapbooking 101

Do you feel like you know nothing about scrapbooking? Do you feel like you want to scrapbook so badly but don't even know where to start? This is the class for you! In Scrapbooking 101, you will be introduced to scrapbooking products, tools, and basic techniques. You will create a basic 12x12 layout using beginner techniques. You will be able to choose paper and products to make your layout tailored to you and your choice of picture! Please join us for Scrapbooking 101 on Wednesday, September 22 at 6:30pm. I promise that you will leave feeling inspired and a little more confident about your scrapbooking skills.

Cost of Class: $20
Materials Needed: scissors, foam paintbrush, paper cutter, stapler/tiny attatcher, liquid adhesive, 3-d adhesive, regular adhesive, rub-on tool (all of these things may be purchased at the store) one 4x6 photo

Straight From the Rooftop
Do you enjoy creating home decor projects? Would you like to learn how to make some of your own embellishments? This is the class that you should be signing up for. In this class, you will create a beautiful home decor item using a piece of slate from someone's roof! Join Vera Saturday, September 25 at 6pm for Straight From the Rooftop. You will create something beautiful for your home from something old from someone else's home.

Class Cost: $30
Materials Needed: scissors, adhesive (liquid and regular), paper cutter, foam paintbrush, edge distresser, one photo (4x6 or 5x7)
Note: a 4x6 photo is what was used in the sample

Layout Madness
Are you behind on your scrapbooking? Do you need to get a few layouts done in a couple of hours? Join us for Layout Madness. In this class, you will get the supplies that you need to complete 3 single 12x12 layouts and one double page 12x12 layout. This is a great way to catch up on your scrapbooking while seeing how different ladies use the same materials to create totally unique layouts. Layout Madness will be held on Wednesday, September 29 at 6pm. Come on,leave the kiddos with Dad so that you can catch up on their scrapbooks.

Class Cost: $30

Materials Needed: adhesive (regular and 3-D), scissors, edge distresser, paper cutter, rub-on tool, foam paintbrush, stapler/tiny attatcher, at least 12 photos that you have been needing to scrap

Hope to see you all at the store soon!

Grand Opening Details!

Here is everything you need to know about Inspire's first week open and the Grand Opening Event!

Monday, September 13:
Inspire's 1st Day Open
-For every $20 you spend in the store, your name goes into a drawing to win a goodie bag from Pretty Little Studio
-Make-n-Takes every 2 hours

Tuesday, September 14:
-For every $30 you spend in the store, your name goes into a drawing to win a goodie bag from Studio Calico

Wednesday, September 15:
-For every $40 you spend in the store, your name goes into a drawing to win a goodie bag from Jenni Bowlin

Thursday, September 16:
-For every $50 you spend in the store, your name goes into a drawing to win a goodie bag from Prima

Friday, September 17:
Grand Opening Event
-Product Demonstrations
-Free goodies to munch on while cropping or shopping
-Crop from 10am-2am for $12
-Enjoy giveaways and challenges especially for croppers

Saturday, September 18:
Grand Opening Event continues
-Special Hours: 10am-6pm
-Product Demonstrations
-Free goodies to munch on while cropping or shopping
-Crop from 10am-6pm for $10
-Enjoy giveaways and challenges especially for croppers

-If you sign-up to crop both Friday and Saturday, you crop for free!
-If you sign-up to crop only one day and you spend at least $150 in the store, you crop for free

-For every $100 that you spend in the store on Friday and/or Saturday, your name goes into a drawing to win the BOMB DIGGITY Fujifilm Instax Camera. This little camera is a perfect toteable size. It produces INSTANT credit card sized photos. The pictures are perfect for scrapping, mini albums, and even stuffing into your wallet. It is such a fun little thing to use! I own it and it is one of those things that, if my house was on fire, I'd grab it and run! You definately want to win this!

Call the store (985-227-9970) or e-mail ( to sign-up!

Much love,

Store Info and September Calendar

Here is the store's general info and also a copy of the September Calendar. Details to follow!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nope, I didn't fall off of the face of the Earth!

Hey guys! No, I haven't fallen off of the face of the Earth. I have been getting the store ready. I have, of course, been working throughout the night into the wee hours of the morning in the store. We have painted the walls, painted the slatwall, hung the slatwall, painted molding, hung the molding, and gotten all of the furniture in postition. I have also put in inventory, priced products, and begun getting the calendar of events ready. Let me just say that it was a HUGE job, but, oh so worth it. I am not posting any full blown pics of the store because I want to keep you wondering. You will have to come on in to see it all in person. Here are a couple of little sneaks:

Yep, that's all you get. Not even in color. I know, I'm terrible. I am working on the calendar right now to get to you guys by the end of this weekend. I will post it to the blog and I will hopefully send it in a mass e-mail too.

I am pumped because Vera and I are heading out of town this weekend to lock ourselves in a hotel room and scrap till our hands fall off or we lose our mind. I can't wait. I am excited to work on class ideas and projects for the store. Thanks for your patience as we prepare a place where I hope you will be inspired. Talk to you soon!


Monday, August 2, 2010

More goodies have been ordered!

So here I am...doing what I do...placing some FAB orders and living on lattes.

I have been heading to Books a Million lately to use the net and get some work done. I love their lattes and I love being there. The place makes me feel so inspired. You can hear the chiming of all sorts of intense conversations. Everyone speaking about their lives and analyzing the lives of others. It's great. Well, here are a few more things that have been ordered.

Here are a couple of things from Glitz. Their new stuff is so stinking cute. This is one of the paper layers from the Hoopla collection. Aww I could just die.

Here are the what nots from the Scarlett collection.

Here is some new paper from Jenni Bowlin.

Here are one of the styles of chipboard buttons. I love these little things.

Okay and I have to share this. Tim Holtz came out with these cool boxes that he is calling configuratinos. I ordered three different styles and I can't wait to make one. These are soooooooo yummy!

So, I have been having some issues with the building and it is making me crazy. First I called Entergy and chewed them out for three days because they were telling me that the power was on and I would go to the store and NOTHING. I had no power. Well, long story short, I had never turned on the main breaker switch. So, I did have power. I apologize to the little Entergy people that I chewed out for three days. So Sorry! But, when I finally realized that I had power, I also realized, the air conditioner is broken. It should be fixed by tomorrow morning but I am dying to get in there and paint. I hope it's ready for me tomorrow. Anyways, I will hopefully have some grand opening news soon. Happy Monday!