Monday, August 2, 2010

More goodies have been ordered!

So here I am...doing what I do...placing some FAB orders and living on lattes.

I have been heading to Books a Million lately to use the net and get some work done. I love their lattes and I love being there. The place makes me feel so inspired. You can hear the chiming of all sorts of intense conversations. Everyone speaking about their lives and analyzing the lives of others. It's great. Well, here are a few more things that have been ordered.

Here are a couple of things from Glitz. Their new stuff is so stinking cute. This is one of the paper layers from the Hoopla collection. Aww I could just die.

Here are the what nots from the Scarlett collection.

Here is some new paper from Jenni Bowlin.

Here are one of the styles of chipboard buttons. I love these little things.

Okay and I have to share this. Tim Holtz came out with these cool boxes that he is calling configuratinos. I ordered three different styles and I can't wait to make one. These are soooooooo yummy!

So, I have been having some issues with the building and it is making me crazy. First I called Entergy and chewed them out for three days because they were telling me that the power was on and I would go to the store and NOTHING. I had no power. Well, long story short, I had never turned on the main breaker switch. So, I did have power. I apologize to the little Entergy people that I chewed out for three days. So Sorry! But, when I finally realized that I had power, I also realized, the air conditioner is broken. It should be fixed by tomorrow morning but I am dying to get in there and paint. I hope it's ready for me tomorrow. Anyways, I will hopefully have some grand opening news soon. Happy Monday!


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