Thursday, December 16, 2010

Honeymoon Part 1

Over the next few days, I have decided it would be fun to post some Honeymoon pics and give you guys into a peek of what we did while we were in New York. We arrived there late Sunday night and the first thing that I had on my list was to scope out where I could find the AMAZING Tinsel Trading Company that I have heard so much about. This store has been featured on many blogs of the people around the scrap and crafting world. Tim Holtz is a HUGE fan of the place and he has blogged about it a couple of times. I think that he even taught there. So, the first night we look up the address and PRAISE THE LORD it was on the same street as our hotel. The next morning or should I say afternoon we woke up and headed straight there. Here are some photos of the store!

And, of course, Shane had to snap me in action!

So, the store is amazing!There is an entire wall of flowers, an entire wall of ribbon and lace...lots of vintage Christmas decorations and lots of vintage Christmas paper ephmera and just so much stuff that I can't even begin to list. Let's just say it was pure heaven for me and I'm sure it would be for most of ya'll too! It is just a great store to visit and experience. I spent a good bit of money but I felt like I could have bought one of everything. Shane was so patient and sweet as always and let me have a panic attack and freak out in the middle of the store because I couldn't contain the excitement. I came home with a few little vintage embellishments six vintage christmas trees and lots of Christmas paper ephmera. I also got some goodies for Vera for her Christmas gift.

It was nice to be able to shop and feel some creative ideas flowing again. Be back with more peeks this weekend!

By the way..we still have a few spots open for the crop this weekend. Sign up today! Call or e-mail us1


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