Friday, December 31, 2010

Time for Scrapping

Lately, I have been blessed with time for scrapping. Unbelievable huh?? It has been so nice to have my scrap stuff back at home and, surprisingly, I have had more time to scrap than usual. Here is a peek at some layouts that I have done!

Title: Baby It's Cold Outside

Title: Christmas Morning is the Bomb!

Title: Remember this Day

Title: Release

So there are a few. I have plans to do more projects this weekend. I am going to decorate a little nook in the apartment with a love theme for February. I am not really a big Valentine's Day person but I am embracing new things this year.

Speaking of this year, I am also not a New Year's resolution person. I do not make new year's resolutions EVER! And, usually, I am not into everyone acting like the new year is a new start because I like to freshen up myself and my life as much as I can throughout the year. However, this year I am into the whole new year thing. This year, I am determined to make some BIG HUGE GINORMOUS changes in my life. I have lots of ideas for different things that I want to do and to not do. I also have little projects and other things that I want to create this year. I want to sorta get back to the basics in my life and start doing things that I used to get joy from that I have let slide the last couple of years. I am pumped for the new year and my new chapter. I think it will be a calm, lovely adventure.

So what are your plans tomorrow night? I'm pretty excited about mine. Three of my besties are coming over and we are having a cooking, champagne, wedding video kind of gathering. We are laying low in sweats and just spending some fun, quality time together. Shane is working so I'm ringing in the year with some pretty amazing peeps. I hope you have some great plans. I hope you are ready for 2011. I AM!

PS: Sign up for the class and crop in January ASAP!!!!

Love you guys!
Happy New Year!

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