Sunday, January 2, 2011

I challenge you

2011 is here. So far, I am absolutely loving this year. The last two days have been absolutely perfect. Pure bliss. I am so thrilled about this year because I have lots of things planned for my life and for the store.

Now, I have a little challenge for you. I want you guys to participate in One Little Word 2011. If you have not heard of this, check out Ali Edwards' Blog. One Little Word is this thing where you choose one word for the entire year. That word is supposed to be your inspiration for the year. You can scrap it throughout. You can blog about it every now and again. You can just use it to make your daily life a little bit better. This is such a great little challenge for the year.

If you check out Ali's blog. There is a list of words that you can use to pick yours. I actually have printed the list from last year and I often use it for page titles too! (Just a little tip!)

I have chosen my word and I am blogging about it on my personal blog. Check that out at

I challenge you to choose your word and then e-mail it to me at the store's e-mail. Send me your word plus a little description about why and how you chose it, similar to what I've done on my blog. I will use these e-mails for a little project that I want to do for the store.

Please participate you guys! I am anxious to see everyone's view on this challenge. It is an inspiring motivational way to get yourself to make a little extra effort everyday to focus on something imparticular!

Go ahead..choose your word!


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