Friday, December 17, 2010

Honeymoon Part 2

Hey guys! Our Tacky Christmas Event is now under way and we are having a blast. We have a few beautiful ladies here right now cropping and we will have more trickling in throughout the weekend. The Christmas music is blaring and the Christmas tree candle is burning. Ahhhh I love it!

Anyways, I promised I would continue to share peeks from our Honeymoon, so here ya go. Here are some shots from the first day and night there.

On the first day we went to Tinsel Trading Company. After that, we ate at a little french bistro. It was delish. Shane really enjoyed his sandwich. I enjoyed the view of the people busily running around the city.

After we ate, we headed to Bryant Park where there was a little Christmas Festival. There were different little booths set up with tons of unique Christmas gifts. No offense, but it put Southdown to shame. He he! It was so cool to see the talented people set up sharing their projects with us.

After Bryant Park, we walked around for a while and then headed to the room to get all dolled up for the Rockettes. We saw the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall and then grabbed some very good burgers!

We headed to Times Square after eating and went to the M&M place. Shane thoroughly enjoyed filling up his little baggie with all the M&Ms of his dreams. We also got our moods read by the mood reader. We both got something about being stylish and cool. :)

Then, we went to Toys R Us. Now, the Toys R Us over there is pretty darn cool. There is a huge ferris wheel in the middle where you can see the whole store and the city through the windows. Each car is based off of old games and toys. We were in line to get the Barbie car but then these dumb stupid (yes, i know i get fired up about it) little pre-teens that should have been being supervized by their parents cut the line and got the Barbie car. Ughhhhhhh don't get me started. I really wanted that Barbie car. We got stuck with the little people car. We pouted the whole time. We even complained to a worker.

After that, we were beat and hit the sack. Day one was over!

I'll be back with more peeks later!
Let me get back to the tackiness!

Love you guys!

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