Sunday, September 19, 2010



Tomorrow is the day! I can hardly even believe it! Tomorrow is the day that Inspire opens! It is still very surreal to me and I can hardly even believe I get the opportunity to live out my dreams.

I am very blessed to have this awesome opportunity. I feel that this store was definately a gift from God. Ultimately, it is still his. I pray that he continues to bless it and have his way with it.

We will open the doors at 10am tomorrow morning. The Make-n-Takes will begin at around 11 when my lovely helper Miss Taylor gets here from her morning shift at school. :) I can't wait for you all to see this lil store. I hope that you all love it! It is definately a huge chunk of me and my heart so I hope you enjoy!

I must give a blog shot out to everyone that helped to get Inspire ready to open! From painting, to hanging slatwall, to just being a support system for me through this craziness, these peeps have really put in their time! Thanks so much to:

My Mom
My Dad
My Boo (Shane Michael)
My Paw Paw
My Maw Maw
Madelyn (yes she cleaned gondalas with a Clorox wipe)

Thank you guys so much for the work that you put in here at the store. I know that you could have been doing a lot of other things with your time and I really appreciate it! I could not have done it alone. I love you all very much!

Oh, I also wanted to try and give some directions to the store because some people were saying that their GPS thingies were not pulling the store up.

If you know where the Walgreens is on the corner of Canal Blvd and Hwy 308 in Thibodaux, that is where I will start. There is a Walgreens right there and then if you travel towards Labidieville on Hwy 308, there is a big Rouses supermarket right after the Walgreens. After the Rouses, there is a Capital One Bank (just a drive-thru). Right after the Capital One, there is a street called Laura Drive. Go down Laura Drive and you will see a lil shopping center/strip mall thing. Inspire is right in the center of it (Suite D). Our sign will not be up on the building. However, there will probably be a sign in the grass with some balloons to help! If you have any trouble finding it, call the store (985-227-9970) and we will help!

Okay guys, I am going to head out now. I have lots of last minute things to do to make sure things are in order for tomorrow.

I really hope to see you all soon!

Much of my love,


  1. Hey Ash!

    Congrats on the store opening tomorrow!!!!
    I wish you much success!!!

    See you soon!!!! I can't wait to see it!!


  2. Congratulations, Ashley! I am very proud of you! I know it was alot of work but it will all be worth it! Let the fun begin!!

    Love you,
    Ms. Lanette