Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 things...

Okay so I know that the blog is supposed to be strictly about the store, but, I am going nuts and I need to change it up a little bit!

One of my favorite things to do, if I have the time, is to look for visual inspiration online. Visual inspiration can be found in scrapbooking layouts, photos, fashion, and even home decor. All of these things inspire my layouts/projects and sometimes just put a spark of creativity in my brain.

I used to do this post called 10 things I love Wednesday on my personal blog. Elsie Flannagan does 10 things I love Sunday and I know Vera started to do that too! I really want to start 10 things I love Wednesday on the store's blog now. I think it would be a good change of pace from just the daily store info. I also think it is so fun to look at.

So, here I go. Here are 10 little things that I am lovin up this Wednesday!

Number 1!
This nursery! I love this little nursery. I love the use of color. I also love the way all of the simple things have made this room so stinkin pretty!

Number 2!
Fall, Fall, and Fall! I absolutely love the season of Fall. I am not a fan of New Year's and I am not a fan of the cliche resolutions that New Year's brings. I always tend to treat fall like my New Year's holiday. I find myself making new life decisions, new habits, promises to myself, and general improvements to make my life and myself better when Fall comes around. I love the smell, the feeling, the weather, and the fashion. There is just something about it that is magic!

Number 3!
These wedding photos. I mean seriously, could this wedding be any cuter...i think not!

Number 4!
This cardigan and this scarf. I am ordering them as soon as i pay myself my first paycheck. I can't wait to switch my wardrobe to Fall and Winter. I HATE summer clothes!

Number 5!
Old letters! I love using old letters in my layouts/projects. I also love reading them. It is so intersting to read about a different life during a different time!

Number 6!
These old photos of Elvis. I love how playful they are. They are precious. He's not looking too bad either! :)

Number 7!
Parisian Anthology! This is what happens when the ladies of House of 3 team up with Pink Paislee. They make magic. This line is so pretty. I just got it in yesterday and I have made a vow to create something with it before my head hits the pillow tonite. I'm definately thinking a dress form. Here's just a taste!

Number 8!
This FAB vintage inspired sign with this oh so true quote. I definately think this is my quote for the day. I am on my third latte!

Number 9!
Perfect Oatmeal! This is my breakfast every morning. It is yummy! And, if you are on a health kick, it is only 1 Weight Watchers point.

Number 10!
These boots! They are the bomb diggity. Aw man I can't wait to throw on my tights and boots!

Well, there you have it. Those are 10 things that I love right now!

I gotta get back to entering inventory. The cutest stuff just arrived. (yeah, the Fedex man was a lil late today...he got lost) I'll give you a starts with October and ends with Afternoon! Pump the Party! It's just the summer line. The others have been ordered and should be shipping soon!

Oh, did I mention there are only five days till we open! Yikes!


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  1. Yesterday I bought that very same stamp set you have up there and I could not wait to get home to put those babies on some cardstock....
    Lovely... I am in love!!! Will def. be buying more of this line. Of course I bought that paper too.... I love all the vintage and different things you have in Inspire that you will not find anywhere else unless you order online and since I am not into delayed gratification, love that I picked it up at Inspire, came home and got to play with it!!!