Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank God for an amazing first Day!

Well, today was super FABulous. The store was so busy and I was able to see some of my fave old customers and meet some wonderful new ones too! We stayed busy all day and even sold out of tons of stuff. I think that Taylor and I took down 25 or so hooks that were empty. It was a great feeling. I owe God all of the glory and I thank him so much for the blessing.

Here are some pictures from the Grand Opening. I forgot to take pictures, of course, during the day. I ended up taking a few while friends and family were visiting later in the day!

Like I said, it was a great day. We had lots of people do the Make-n-Take. I got tons of beautiful flowers from my boo, my parents, Mim and Pa Paw (Shane's grandparents) Mrs. Linda (Shane's mom), and my neighbors at the E School! Thank you to everyone for the flowers! They are all beautiful and the store smells lovely now! The inspiration was flowing so much that my brother even created a Make-n-Take. He will never live that down. :)

I had a blast today and it was almost weird to be able to live my dream for the day. The crazy part is that I get to keep on doing it! Well, I am off to place a couple more orders. I am hoping to receive Webster's Pages and Scrap Within Reach tomorrow. I will definately post tomorrow to show you what comes in.

By the way, Mrs. Kelly Mize won the Pretty Little Studio giveaway today! Congratulations to you Kelly and thanks so much for your business!

Here is a little project that I completed using Parisian Anthology. Enjoy!

Hope your day was inspirational too!

Much love,

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  1. Ash, the store is fantastic! I was inspired just by walking in and seeing your beautiful face, surely helped. You were glowing and I am so, so happy your first day was amazing and busy!! I understand that part of your future success if on you but the other part is on us as customers. so for everyone who love scrapping and is so happy that we are fortunate to have such an amazing store in our area... Visit often, sign up for classes, spen your money at Inspire. Only in this way can we assure that Thibodaux continues to be the owner of our own scrap store such as Inspire. As for me, I plan on doing my part and spent a few dollars there yesterday! love and proud of you, Ash!!!!