Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Such a FABulous Grand Opening Event

This weekend's Grand Opening was FABulous. I was so glad so many of you were able to come and visit the store this weekend. Thanks for all of your positive feedback, kind comments, and generous purchases. I really appreciate it. I can't stop saying "Praise the Lord," because I feel that God deserves all of the glory for the store. He plopped the store in my lap, I took the risk and went with it, and now, he is blessing this place so much!

I was able to see so many old friends this weekend and meet so many new ones. This is my favorite part of this job!

Me and Taylor (Thanks for all of your help this weekend! I am so glad that you will be working at the store and I know the customers are too!)

Me and my Mom (Thanks for all of your love and support Mom!) My Mom started scrapping this weekend for the first time. I think she's hooked!

Me, Mrs. Mary, and Mrs. Cindy (Thanks for coming out!) So glad these ladies came out this weekend. They are always so much fun!

Me and Heather (Thanks for making the drive here! I know it took you a while! ;) Oh, and thanks for the sweet words on your blog!) This girl is so sweet. I spent about 2 hours on her blog the other day! It is funny! You need to check it out!

We had croppers, shoppers, and people taking the Straight from the Rooftop class this weekend. It was so fun! I even got to crop on Friday night. I laughed so hard with some FAB peeps that were at the crop. We had a blast! I loved feeling all of the creativity in the place this weekend. The Straight from the Rooftop class went well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The finished products were the bomb!

Mrs. Meryl and Kat cropping

During the Straight from the Rooftop class (Mrs. Lilly posing...love her..she's such a loyal customer!)

Just a few of the end results! Love em!

After such a busy weekend, I spent the day Sunday cleaning and completely rearranging the store. I was tired of it already. I know that I am going to want to do this every Sunday now. It feels so good to have a little freshened up look! I also spent some time with the boo. (not enough, never enough) We enjoyed some Pumpkin spice lattes. Let me tell you, I am now obsessed with Pumpkin spice lattes! Be prepared to hear them blogged about quite often. We also took lots of Polaroids and listened to Christmas music, and maybe even danced a little!

I am off now to work on some projects and try to decide what I want to do for my October class so that I can get the calendar out ASAP. Also hoping to have another FAB local person teach a class too! I hope you all had a great weekend! Welcome to this new, beautiful week!

Go create something!

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