Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Glitz has finally arrived!

Hey guys! I had been waiting on Glitz for months now and, yesterday, it finally got here. The anticipation had been killing me. I was never a HUGE Glitz fan before. However, I am in love with their new lines. Their new stuff blows anything that they have ever done out of the water. I love it! We got all three new collections and almost everything from each collection. I am posting a few pics but remember there's lots more here at the store, so, you'll have to come by to check it out!

Here's some of the paper:

Some of the rub-ons:

Some stickers:

Some what nots:

And some stamps (love love love these):

There you go! Like I said, that's just a little bit of what we have in the store. And, of course, since we got new product, the store got moved around. I just ordered some Melissa Frances Christmas stuff and I think that you will love it! I also ordered more Tim Holtz paper and stickers so it should be here tomorrow or Thursday for those of you who missed out!

Come on in and get some Glitz!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love Glitz!!!! Got to have those stamps!!! Yummm!!!

  2. Bye the way, it was me Ashley. I'm still learning how to comment on your blog. So sometimes I'm anonymous, LOL!!!!

  3. Come on my scrap friends, go to Inspire and lets buy out all she has.... Lets keep our Ashley so busy reordering for us that she will miss the pitter patter of little kindergarten kids at her feet... lol supportiing our local store is the only way we get to keep our local store so go out and spend some pennies!!!! I did.... often.... hope HOBL doesn't look at my checkbook hahahhaa