Tuesday, October 5, 2010

iheart mini albums

Well, it is no secret that I love love love mini albums. I was actually able to work on a mini album in the last couple of weeks and I finished it. That is definately a rarity that I finish a mini album. This mini album is called Junk in my Punk and it is from this new little company called Punky Sprouts. We are currently sold out of Junk in my Punk. However, we have tons of other albums from that great company. Here's a look at my newly complete mini!

There you have it! I did this one about silly little facts about myself. I love doing mini albums because you can cram all kinds of junk in them and do them on cute little topics. Come in and get a mini album so that you can have fun too!

By the Way: we are heading over to possibly make final negotiations on a house tonite! Any prayers would be greatly appreciated!

As always, much love!

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  1. good luck on the house, glad you guys found one to spark your interest. Hoping that it is all you guys want and need and that all goes well....