Thursday, October 7, 2010

Victory Dance!

Well, I think that a victory dance is in order. On Monday, we signed our first set of papers on a house. We still have to get really approved for the loan, we've only been pre-approved. We still have to have the house inspected and all of that other mess. However, the process has begun and we might be getting the keys to our new precious little house within the next few weeks. Feels great! I know the craziness is about to be multiplied times a million but I made it this far and I'm not about to throw in the towel this close to the finish line!

Here are some shots of us doing our little victory dance after we got the house! By the way, Shane will kill me when he sees that I put this photo on the store's blog. Just had to share the good news!

Sorry I missed 10 things yesterday. I was very sick, still am, and I couldn't even get outta bed to open the store. Thank God for Taylor! I am hoping to feel better soon because there are a few things that need to be done around here!

Happy Thursday to you all!

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  1. Oh ash, I hope you keep showing us this side of Shane, makes me love him. I love a man who shows his fun side.... Good luck with the house and you have got to get better so take care of yourself. I told you Taylor would come in handy and was a wise decision to put her on payroll lol!!!
    And knowing she knows so much about the store and LOVES scrapping makes her the very best employee. Myself and my girls went in there the other day and she knows her stuff. She was helpful and helped with making decisions, she is the very best second to only you. Cannot wait to see the house.... and even though it seems like more craziness now, it will be your stability. Shane was right, you guys need a home to go home to at the end of ya'll busy days. an apartment just doesn't do the same....
    So excited to follow you guys on ya'll journey as ya'll start ya'll new life together!