Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello peeps!!!

Just posting to remind you of a few things.

I head out for New Orleans tomorrow morning. I will be there all weekend for one of my besties' weddings. My mom will be here to greet you guys tomorrow but we WILL BE CLOSED ON SATURDAY the 21st.

I hitch a plane very very early Monday morning and head out for Jamaica with my amazing, crazy family. I am leaving my phone and coputer at home. Determined to actually make this a vacation. So, if you e-mail I will not be responding until I get home.

We WILL BE CLOSED ON TUESDAY the 24th. Taylor graduates that day so if you come into the store next week be sure to congratulate her. She will be here all next week. We will have our regular business hours Wednesday-Saturday.

Looking forward to getting away and clearing my head. Looking forward to seeing my husband for the first time since we got married. Looking forward to seeing what my crazy family will get themselves into in Jamaica.

Hope you guys have a blessed weekend!


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