Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mom day!!!

(warning: the photos of the projects in this post are terrible. the lighting at the store is horrible for pictures. please excuse them and know that the projects look much better in person. :)

good morning everyone.

happy mother's day to all of the fab moms out there. even if you're not so fab, happy mother's day. lol. joke.

anyways, my cousin, Candice, and i have been some busy little bees here at the store the past few nights. we have been so delirious working into the wee morning hours working on lots of mother's day goodies for the ones we love.

here are a few of our projects.

first up, a frame that i spruced up for my mom. i made her a frame full of some of her favorite pics of us as children when i was about 15. she cried and loved it so much when i gave it to her. i made it at the beginning of my creative life so as the years went by i thought it was absolutely hideous. it hangs in my parents' room and everytime i go in there it drives me nuts. so, i decided to kidnap it this year and fix it up. my mom didn't want me to take it because it was full of her favorite pictures. i found a way to use lots of them though.

here's the frame.

for the background, i ripped and crumpled lots of old ledger paper.

so since i only used three pics in the frame, i decided to make my mom a tray from 7gypsies. i was going to do a mini album but after seeing my cuz's tray and much coaxing from her, i decided on the tray.

here's a looksie

the last project that i did was a tray for my cuz kasi. (to learn more about her read the post below) i really hope she likes it.

my cuz candice or candy as i like to call her is just breaking into the creative world. she used to come to the store and just watch me scrap for hours. most of you may have met her at scrapfest. anyways, she wanted to make something special for her mom this year. she bought the printer's drawer by 7gypsies from the store and started collecting lots of little things to make her project. with a little help from me, she made this bomb diggity gift.

hope you enjoyed our projects. hope you all were able to put a personal touch on your gifts this year too. i must admit i LOVED making those trays. hope my moms and kasi love them. hope aunt corinthia loves candy's one too.

and now i must say happy mother's day to the one that holds my heart. the one that wipes my tears, picks me up, forces me to face myself and the world, knows my soul, puts me back together, fixes all the wrong, shows me the way, and lets me be me.

i have no idea how i would have lasted had you not been around. you are the MOST selfess person i know. which, makes you the BEST mom. you'll absolutely never ever know how much i love and adore you. thank you. happy mother's day momma.

be back later with more moms that inspire posts.

enjoy your day.

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  1. Ashley the trays are gorgeous! I bet they loved them.