Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Project Ideas

Hey peeps!

Sunday is a very special day for most of the ladies in our lives. it is mother's day. in my opinion, it is a day that can not ever get the attention and respect that it deserves. my mom does and has done far more than we could ever give her credit for in just one holiday. i'm sure most of you feel the same way. how do you ever honor the one who has done it all?

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every year for mother's day, i rack my brain to try and get a gift that is personal and useful. it is always hard to get exactly the right thing for someone who deserves so much more than i could ever give. my brothers, of course, just hand me their money and i am solo on picking out the gift. gotta love those boys! it just seems that for the years that i have made my mom something, she seems to love those gifts best. she cries and cries and shows everyone. i always try to get her something and then make a little something on the side.

i haven't made something in a while for her, so, this year, i am cooking up a couple of little projects. i am also hoping to make a little something for shane's mom and another mom that i look up to too! i already know what i will be creating but i scoured the internet to find some inspirational project ideas that would be perfect for mother's day. i thought it would be fun to share them with you!

for starters, you could always make a homeade card. it is quick, easy, and from the heart. something i am sure all moms would keep forever.

here are a few ideas.

you could also do just a regular scrapbook for mom filled with some awesome photos of her and her kiddos/grandkiddos.

here are some beautiful layouts that i love.

if you are not in the mood or don't have the time (go figure) for a large, standard scrapbook, a mini album is the perfect solution. i can usually finish one in a few hours. you can do it bragbook style so that she can carry it in her purse. or you could create one as a coffee table or office desk/shelf book. they are the perfect way for her to show off some of her favorite memories and the talent of the person creating it.

here are some great mini album ideas.

and if you are just not in the scrapbook kind of mood, there are always so many options for little home decor pieces that make great homeade gifts. the options are endless and the end result is always beautiful.

here are some of my faves that i found.

i know right, so many great ideas. if you need some product for your mother's day projects, head on over to the store. come get some goodies and maybe a few ideas. we will be happy to help.

i will post my mother's day creations as soon as i am done with them.

go ahead and get creating something for those special moms in your life. you know they deserve it!

happy tuesday.


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