Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Lines!

hello ya'll!

some of the lovely scrapbooking companies out there are beginning to realease a few mid-season lines.

of course, the wonderful jenni bowlin has decided to do so. she is releasing some really really great stamps and a new paper line. i adore the stamps. here are just a few.

there are more in addition to these. but c'mon who doesn't love some awesome border stamps. ahhh the lace has me dying.

mrs. bowlin also realeased a new paper line. it is called Haven. i love the color scheme. i also love the way most of the papers have one side that is a print and one that is a huge image. i just really like this line. here's a peek at the paper.

so many options with cutting this one. journaling cards, border strips, and embellies. love this.

the bomb diggity sassafras also released a new line called Sunshine Broadcast. it is FABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBULOUSSSSSSSSSS. i know i say this about every line but i just really really love this one. it is light and airy and so so pretty. i really dig it. here's a looksie.

oooooooooooooooooo. i gotta have this in my hands ASAP.

so get ur booties in here and spend some moola so that we can order these two new lines. u know u want em.

tell me which is your fave.

hope you are having a very blessed wednesday. see ya soon!


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