Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moms that Inspire part one

hello peeps. every now and again, i post some things to the store's blog that are not very store related. for the next few days, this will be the case.

mother's day is sunday and i, for one, think it is a very important day. i was blessed with an amazing mom and i don't think all the mother's days in the world would ever be enough to honor her.

i am also blessed because not only is my mom amazing, i have also had the honor of being surrounded by other incredible moms.

so, the name of the store is inspire and for the next few days, leading up to mother's day, i am going to post about some moms that *inspire* me.

today's post is about my beautiful cousin, kasi. i hate calling her my cousin because that seems so not personal enough. i consider her to be pretty much my sister from another mother. she is the mother to two of my beautiful godchildren, Madelyn (lulu) and Ella and my little handsome man, hayden.

here's to her.

she is selfless.

completely completely selfless.

she makes so many sacrifices for her babies.

she never complains about those sacrifices.

you would never even know they are sacrifices.

to her, they aren't.

it's for her babies.

she works hard.

i mean really, really hard.

busts her butt.

doesn't get enough credit for how hard she works.

not near enough credit.

long hours, lots of headaches, weekends, nights.

again, she never complains.

she loves big.

with her whole heart.

she doesn't have to tell you how much she loves her kids.

she doesn't show it through other things.

she just loves em'.



without reservation.

without stipulation.

when she looks at them, you just see it.

i never see her get down.

she just does what she has to do for those babies.

loves being a mom.

wouldn't trade it.

has traded other things that she loved and wanted.

has done it without reservation.

because of them.

because it's about them.

is so patient.

i mean so stinking patient.

she doesn't snap for no reason.

she never degrades.

or hurts feelings.

she just breathes.




occasionally talks through the oh so necessary clenched teeth.

keeps her cool when most would lose it.

she always makes the kids feel secure.

calms all of their fears.

soothes their nerves.

kisses bo bo's.

kisses lu lu's bo bo's a lot (she's a little clumsy).

reassures them.

wipes tears.

lets them know she is and always will be there.

isn't afraid to play.

or act silly.

laughs at their quirks.

laughs at their jokes.


let's go.

forgets the stresses when they want to play.

when they want to laugh.

she tries her hardest to keep a special relationship with each child.

to give each one time.


on top of everything else she has to do.

to get to know each one.

treats them each according to who they are.

what they need.

makes sure they are all feeling loved.

loves them each for who they are.

no what she wants them to be.

for all of their flaws.

all of their perfections.

all of their beauty.

through all of this, she manages to maintain a healthy, loving marriage.

seriously, a real one.

not a fake one.

not a show.

one of the healthiest i've seen.

she loves her husband.

supports him.

puts him in line. (when needed)

clings to him.

keeps up a home.

cooks. (often)

finds the time for stories.

and movies.

and special days with each baby.

she takes care of her family.

not in ways that are always fun.

or easy.

or what she wants.

and again, doesn't complain.

doesn't get down.

she's an amazing mom. she reminds me of my mom, a lot. and, in my opinion, that's an honor. she's so selfless. she has shown me that you can maintain a home a job and a healthy marriage and still be an awesome mom. she has shown me patience. she has inspired me to quit complaining. embrace the here and now. especially when u have babies. she has inspired me as a mom. she is truely, on of the best. i hope she knows that. she doesn't hear that enough. she's doing an amazing job. those kids are lucky. her husband is lucky. i am lucky to just have her in my life. i thank her for sharing her kiddos with shane and i. for allowing us to be such a big part of her life. their life. i love her to pieces.

happy mother's day kasi.

i hope you realize that you are an amazing mom.

(hope she doesn't kill me for this)

be back tomorrow with another inspiring mom.

hope your thursday is blessed.

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  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your cousin you love so darn much!!! Great job, Ash.... she will love it!!!