Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Store's First Post

Hi guys! It's me, Ash! I just wanted to post to let you all know some details about the store. The store is in its beginning stages and I am so thrilled to get things together and open our doors. I have plans to open somewhere around September 1st. The store will be located at 142 Laura Drive Suite D. Laura Drive is here in Thibodaux right on the side of the Capital One Drive Thru. The street is right off of Hwy 308 after the Rouses Epicurean. It is super easy to find and with the iphones that I know you all have just type it into Maps :). I will definately be posting some before and after pictures of the store so that you all know what's going on. I am loving looking at all of this inventory. All I can tell you is that there should be someone regulating what is being ordered. I can't even contain myself. I am excited because the summer CHA releases are really cute! I have a grand opening event in the works right now and I am hoping to be able to get a great teacher. (Keep your fingers...and your toes for that matter...crossed!) I am getting everyone's contact info from the Scrapalicious computer system so I will be sending updates for all you to stay informed. Please feel free to check the blog and e-mail the store with any other questions you guys might have. I promise as soon as things are definately planned, you will be the first to know. Here's the store's Thanks for all of your support!

Much love...Ash

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