Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey guys! Well, it has been one hot and i mean smokin HOT summer day. I treated myself to a cup of ice cream today while Hayden got a blizzard.

He came for a sleepover tonite to spend some quality time with me. LuLu has mono so she was unable to join us. :( While he was playing with legos this afternoon i was...u guessed it...placing more orders.

I have also been getting lots of e-mails from some of you with a few questions about the store. I am going to try and give you some answers.

Number 1: The store is opening somewhere during the beginning of Setptember. I am waiting to see shipping dates and the status of the "Grand Opening" guest teacher before making any final plans. Of course, I want to make sure that I am going to have a good bit of product before opening. I don't want you to come to an empty store.

It is also hard to determine how much inventory will be ready upon opening because CHA ship dates vary. Some things are ready to ship now and some things are not shipping out until September/October.

Number 2: The store will most likely be open a few days or even a couple of weeks before the actual "Grand Opening" event.

Number 3: There will be classes offered at the store. For the month of September, I am planning to have a Scrapbook 101 class and at least one (if not two) other classes. Scrapbook 101 will be for ladies who have never scrapped before or ladies who are unsure about the scrapping world and want to be exposed to all of the new products and techniques out there.

The other class or classes will be projects.

These three classes will be taught in addition to the ones that will take place during the "Grand Opening" event.

Number 4: There will be crops offered at the store. I am not commiting to a certain number of crops per month. There will ALWAYS be at least one crop a month. There is a possibility that there may be 3-4 crops per month. Crops will just depend on the schedule and activities of the store.

Number 5: The calendar for the month of September will be ready during mid August. This calendar will inform you of classes, crops, the "Grand Opening" event, make and takes, and any other special happenings at the store.

I will post the calendar to the blog. I also hope to be able to send the calendar via e-mail to anyone in the Scrapalicious computer system.

**Within the next couple of months, I hope to develop different activities and promotions that you will be able to look out for in the store. Please bear with me, as opening a store is a huge undertaking that is very time consuming.

My goal is to make you guys feel inspired! I hope to be able to offer classes and activities that get your creative juices flowing. I want to be able to see you all in the store as often as possible. I am trying to put forth my best effort into developing the "Grand Opening" event, as well as, the store's classes, crops, and activities. You will be the first to know when everything is scheduled and planned.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to e-mail me. Also, if there are any new products out there that you just have to have your hands on, please, please, e-mail me and let me know what they are. I can use all the help that I can get for ordering. You guys have probably seen product that I have overlooked.

As always thanks for your continued love and support. I have received so many well wishes and kind words. It really means A LOT!

Stay cool peeps! Talk to you soon!


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