Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 Things!

Well, look what I ordered today!

These are some great journaling cards from the new Studio Calico's Elementary line. These are not shipping right away but I pre-ordered them.

This is some chipboard from Crate Paper's Restoration line. It is so vintage and so adorable.

Ummm. I do not need to say anything about these! But, I will! These are to die for. They are from GCD studios! I love this line!

So, I ordered some more great product today. I was a little bummed because I had filled up my Prima cart yesterday and was waiting to place my order today so that I could go back and make sure I ordered everything that I wanted. Well, I just went into my Prima cart and guess what!! It is empty. Great! Lovely! Man, that's a bummer! Guess I have to fill it back up.

Okay blog world, I will quit rambling and get busy. I am excited for tomorrow because I am meeting with Heather, a sales rep, and she reps Tim Holtz. That means I get to order all of the new Tim Holtz goodies. Yay!

Okay guys! Nitey Nite!



  1. Ash!!! You are getting me so fired up! I cannot wait for September so I have a new place to dump my hard earned money!!!
    I am lacking inspiration to scrap right now, I need you and Vera to get me going again!! I hope there are many more like me who plan on leaving our money in your boutique rather than Hobby Lobby or Michael's because then you become a successful business owner and we get to keep our scrap store in Thibodaux!!! I will be your best advertisement, I promise!!!!

  2. Miss Lilly you are so sweet! I am so pumped and I hope that everyone else feels just like you! Can't wait to see you and scrap with you! I think we all need some inspiration right now!

  3. Will you be having classes. I want to scrap soo bad, but there is so much out there I dont even know where to begin!

  4. I can't wait I'm so excited!!! I love the stuff you are ordering. I'm with Lilly on this...I can't wait to see everyone again!!! I'm soooo super excited for you!!!!