Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prepare Yourself for our Tacky Christmas Event!

Hello peeps! I am excited to give you a heads up about our Tacky Christmas Event! I am excited about this event for a few reasons. Reason 1: The wedding will be OVER and I will get to put all my energy and attention into this glorious business. Reason 2: It involves Christmas! Reason 3: There will be great things happening here!

Okay so when is this little event you ask! The Tacky Christmas Event will be held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, December 17-19! Oh yes, three days of scrapbooking and Christmas goodness. We will have cropping from Friday 11am-2am Saturday, Saturday 10am-2am Sunday, and Sunday 10am-6pm. Cropping will be free if you sign up for the whole weekend. If not, it will be $10 a day!

We will have an ornament exchange on Saturday @ 3. This is open to the first 12 people who sign up. We already have 6 people on our list. So, hurry! The way the ornament exchange works is everyone makes 12 ornaments any way that you like and you give each person an ornament that you created. In return, you will receive an ornament from each person. So, you leave with 12 unique and hand-crafted ornaments. Let me just tell you, I did this at Scrapalicious last year and I loooooooooove all of the ornaments that I went home with. I put them all on my tree and even hung a couple on doors in my apartment!

We will also be having 2 bomb diggity classes that weekend. I will be teaching a class on Friday @ 7. In my class, you will get to use those pictures with Santa that I know you all have. I definately have them and I'm screaming my head off in all of them. On Saturday, Vera will be teaching a class that I know you all will love. You will be learning how to make 12 different little projects that you can easily re-create to use for your Christmas needs. You will be learning how to make things from tags and cards to cute little decor items. Her class will take place @ 5 on Saturday.

Throughout the entire event, you should definately come in your tackiest Christmas attire, of course. That's where the tacky comes in. Each day, the tackiest person gets a nice little goodie bag. Also, there will be lots of giveaways, challenges, snacks, and drinks. The store may even have a little touch of tacky too!

I really hope lots of you can join us for this event! I will be back later with details about classes and prices and all of that goodness. I just wanted to let you know about it so that, if you know for sure that you want to take part, you can sign up now!!

This would be a great way for you to take some time for yourself before the holiday. It would also be a great time to work on handmade gifts/cards or past Christmas layouts! I can't wait for this event and I hope you feel the same.

You can call (985-227-9970) or e-mail (inspirescrapboutique@gmail.com) the store to sign up!!

Let's get festively tacky ladies, c'mon!



  1. Ash! I know I will be participating in some of this but not sure how much since I am still in recovery mode... I won't be participating in the ornament thing but put me down for cropping on the Sunday for right now and I will see how I do for the rest.. will probably do the classes but will wait to see exactly what they are... love and miss all of you!!!!

  2. i am coming!!! not sure what night or if i will camp out all weekend. Dave is working nights this weekend! I will let you know when it gets closer what days i will be there. Love ya!

    PS- you will be a beautiful bride...dont stress.