Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 things I love (better late than never)

What's up guys? I figured it was about time for one of these posts. I needed to take a break from wedding madness and store stuff to just do a little internet browsing for some inspiration. Here are 10 things that I dig!

Number 1!
Elsie's new wedding blog. It is filled with great ideas and inspiration for totally personal and crafty weddings. I wish she would have started this a year ago.

Go check it out!

Number 2!
Vintage Pyrex. I love pyrex. I have a very small collection right now but I am hoping to expand. I have decided to bring my scrapbooking supplies back to the new house and set up a studio there. Vera warned me that it wasn't a good idea to keep it at the store but I thought I'd try it out. Well, it's not a good idea, just because I am always here and when I want to get creative it needs to be done in a different environment, without a million distractions. So, back to the pyrex, I want to use lots of Pyrex in my studio to store my supplies. I think it would be a cute touch.

Number 3!
This layout. I love it! It is simple, spaced out, and just perfect.

Number 4!
This set-up for a wedding. I love all of the multi-colored metal chairs. I wanted to do something like this for ours with all kinds of different vintage chairs but I ran out of the funds and energy to put this together. He He!

Number 5!
These great plaid sheets from Anthropologie. I love plaid and I love great sheets. I think these need to be ordered for the Burke home!

Number 6!
This precious photo! This will be Shane Michael and I in a few weeks, except there will be ice skates on our feet and a huge, ginormous, beautiful Christmas tree in the background. I hope we are dressed just as cute though!

Number 7!
This precious pink Christmas journal. I love it!

Number 8!
These precious pics from my favorite era!

Love this one! I'm sure this is how I will look in the kitchen. Sooooo confused!

This great photo of couples window shopping for furniture. Love how the ladies are all lit up swooning over the fabulous yellow furniture. Love how the husband in the middle looks scared to death. This is me and Shane right now. I am swooning over everything for a house and Shane is like a deer in headlights everytime I show him something new!

Number 9!
This precious little display. I think I will do something like this in the house!

Number 10!
These photos of Christmas decorations. I am hoping to take some time to decorate the windows and stove in the store this weekend. I don't know what I want to do yet. I know it won't be as dramatic as I would like just because we have so much going on but I am going to do my best! Here is some great inspiration though!

There ya go. A few little things that I am digging today.

So many people have been asking for updates about what's going on with me and everything else so here ya go.

The house: we are supposed to close tomorrow. We have some painting to do so that will probably take about a week. That should put us moving in the week of the wedding. I know I am going to have to chill out and realize that the house will not be like I want it for a while. When we get back from our honeymoon, we will work on getting furniture and different things to decorate the house. I am just a person who does not move in until the last picture is hung on the walls but God is teaching me to have patience and this is just another little test in this lesson that I have been learning. I have so many little ideas and I just hope they all fall into place.

The wedding: The wedding is pretty much 2 weeks away. I have tons left to do and I have had to cut a lot of the little crafty, personal things out just becuase I have run out of money and energy. HOwever, I think that it will be beautiful and a night that I will never forget. I am nervous and scared to death. I am elated and thrilled. I am just ready to start the next chapter.

So, those are the updates of everything going on. I hope that you guys stop by the store soon. I hope to be back by the beginning of next week with photos of the classes for Tacky Christmas and I hope you start calling and e-mailing to sign up!

Thanks for your constant support and love. I dig you!

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