Monday, November 29, 2010

Decking the Halls

Hey guys! Here at Inspire, I have been a busy little elf decking these halls. I decorated the windows and the stove early last week! Here are some pics!

We also held our Christmas Configurations class last week. It was fun and I think it was very much a success. The ladies did an awesome job and all of their projects came out FABulous. I was able to snag just a few photos.

Lots of Christmas spirit floating around this place. I will be back much later tonite with the post for the December calendar and details about the 12 Days of Christmas Sale and Tacky Christmas Event. I will also be sending the e-mail tonite so keep your eyes peeled. You guys HAVE TO sign up for this event. It is the only thing that we are doing this month because of wedding madness so you MUST SIGN UP. C'mon I wanna spend some holiday time with my peeps!

Personal Update:
Shane and I have been moving into our apartment since Thanksgiving Day. (No, no house for those of you that haven't heard. Long story, the short version is that the house was not the will of God) The move has been very stressful, draining, and overwhelming. The good news is the move is over and it has been followed by pure bliss. It feels so good to have a home and know where I will lay my head at night. It also feels great to pretty much be settled in and even have my tree up. Most of you have already asked and, yes, I will be sharing pics of the apartment soon. There is still lots to do decorating wise but we are getting there.

It's 5 days and counting until the wedding and I am super excited, scared to death, but excited. :) I can't wait to share pics and details soon!

Be back to post later! Love you guys!
Happy Monday!


  1. Hey Ashley,

    I love how you put the wishlist diecuts in your window. Its so cute!!!


  2. The class was a complete blast!!! Cindy and I had a great time!!! Can't wait to go back. I finished my box a couple days later and I have it displayed along with all my decorations. Thanks for a great class,