Wednesday, March 23, 2011

so mad!

Okay so I just got an e-mail from one of our beloved scrapbooking companies with my order summary and saying that the order had shipped. Well, a lot of products were missing from this summary. I proceed to respond to the e-mail saying, I notice that this this this and this are missing. Please double check to be sure that there weren't any mistakes.

Here's the response I get:

We are very sorry but those items are on backorder and they will be shipping in mid/end of April. You will have to re-order.

Are you kidding me?? Please explain to me why the heck I spent the money that I did to attend CHA to be able to have "first dibs" on stuff. And, why yes, I would love to only put out the paper with no embellishments for a collection because everyone loves that.

So sorry to be a little unprofessional this morning but I have had enough. This is the fourth time this has happened from the orders placed at CHA and, if you ask me, it's pretty ridiculous.

So, kuddos to those companies who had your game face on at the show. Kuddos to those of you who actually have the product available that you promise. Kuddos to those of you who ship out CHA orders first. Just sayin!

Anyways, sorry about this again but it had to be posted.

We just got a package in of some new goodies. I will post what it is when I get it all in the computer.

Thanks for your votes on the Crate Paper line. I am hoping to order it soon.


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  1. Yes the companies love to do that! They will always send the paper and no embellishments. By the time you get embellishments paper is almost gone. They have been doing this for years. It truly sucks. I would call and complain everytime they do it. If every store would do this and insist on full complete shipment it would stop the nonsense of it all.