Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello Mr. Holtz!

Well people. I must say, I am proud of Mr. Tim Holtz. He is usually not the quickest shipping product. However, he's on top of his game this time around. We received about half of our order with him today. The rest is set to ship next week. Here's what came in today:

Tissue Tape:

Alpha Parts:

Paper: Crowded Attic

Salvage Stickers: Crowded Attic

Configurations Printers Tray:
(hope to make one tonite with all these new goodies)

Yes I know this stuff is like too much. I love it all so. No, it's not your typical scrapbooking embelishments but that's why you gotta love the Holtz. These things are great for projects and even layouts. C'mon people, get outta that box.

So, I know that now, the Tim Holtz fans will swamp the store and I love that! I already hoarded the things that I want. Hehe!

And, in honor of the arrival of these products, I gotta post this again from our dinner date with Mr. Tim HOltz. Lol.

happy creating my lovelies!


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  1. Wow! I can't believe you got some of it already!! The scrapbook gods have smiled down on you Ashley. Can't wait to see what you make.