Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snapshots from Scrapfest

Well, we are home from Scrapfest and back to business as usual. Let's just say we had a blast but came home totally exhausted!!! It is so much work.I feel like I am just beginning to recover. Taylor and Candice joined me for the weekend as my little helpers and we had so so so much fun. My mom, Miss Jody (Taylor's mom), and Miss Meryl (Taylor's grandma) all came with us and we all roomed together. There were TONS of laughs and lots of girl talk and even a couple of tears.Of course, we drank way too much Starbucks and ate way too much bad food. (Note to self: Weight Watchers must begin again along with daily gym trips!) We just really had a great time. I was also able to meet some pretty amazing women with some pretty inspiring stories. That always reminds me why I love this business so much! Here are some snapshots from Scrapfest!

Our booth:

We got lots of compliments on the booth. Everyone loved our antiques and flea market treasures. I even got some offers on the stove, but, of course, did not sell it!!

Make n Takes:

Our Make n Takes were a hit. We did three different ones, one each day. Taylor was the Make n Take girl and she did an amazing job as usual. The last photo is one of the Make n Takes using Jenni Bowlin's muffin tin. I love it and want to make like 100for the apartment to put everywhere.

Like I said earlier, there was tons and tons of laughs and goofing off. Here are some photos when we became delirious.

hahahaha this one makes me laugh out loud. So funny. Such a cute family photo lol.

Well, I am so glad that we are back to our little shop now. I am excited to see our usual customers and to get busy with a couple of little ideas for the store.

We still have a few spots open for Vera's class this Saturday. Also, we have lots of spots left for next weekend's crop and we really wanna see everyone so get a babysitter, grab a starbucks, and get to the store to crop your butts off.

Thank you so much to Taylor and Candice. Thanks for the help and support last weekend. I appreciate it so much!

Taylor, I would be lost without you. Thanks for helping me set up for so many hours and all you did at the show. I hope you are always with the store and me. I can't even begin to express my gratitude for everything that you do for Inspire. I hope you know how much I appreciate it all.

Be back tomorrow with a post of some new product. Hope it keeps rolling in!

Happy Happy Tuesday!


  1. Sounds like it was a successful show. Hope you get more Tim stuff in soon. I can't wait to go shop.

  2. I can't believe you brought the oven! The booth looks amazing!

  3. Adorable make n' take and adorable blog. yes I agree the booth looks amazing!!! invite you to come check me out, too!!

  4. looks likes a lot of fun! I can't you believe you brought all of the furniture from the store - how big was the U-Haul??? Hope to see you soon (like Saturday!!)