Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hey peeps! it was an awesome weekend here at inspire. why? you may ask. well, because we had a great crop with some amazing ladies. definately, one of my favorite parts of this job is to be able to be around so many inspiring and awesome people. on saturday, we cropped till we dropped here at the store. we had so many awesome people come out to crop and i had a blast. we did some challenges. gave away some goodies and savings. and we chatted lots. i was even able to get lots of layouts done which you can check out on my blog www.ashmarie23.blogspot.com.

anyways, we got a few things in today. the rest of october afternoon's 5&dime is here. here's what else came in:


tin pins:

rubber charms:

miscellany pack which is full of lots of good junk:

sticky keys (some really cool letters):

we also got in a little shipment from hambly.

we got their new washi tape. this is the only pic i could find but we got two different packs of it. each pack comes with 3 different rolls:

if you go check out their blog http://hamblyscreenprints.typepad.com/ they do tons of cool stuff with this washi tape.

some paper:

some rub ons:

so there ya go. some new goodies to get your hands on. please come by the store soon to get lots of the new stuff.

hope your tuesday is blessed.


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