Wednesday, April 20, 2011


hey you people. if you read my personal blog, you know that i have been a scrapping fool lately. i have just been feeling quite inspired. i think it's because i have had a little down time at the store lately and i have actually had time to scour the net and look at lots of creative blogs. there are some OOBER talented people out there. i have found like a million layouts that i love love love.

i feel like my creative style is morphing a bit right now. isn't that one of the best things about scrapbooking. you can go back through all of your layouts and they all form kind of a pattern. you can look back and tell when your style was changing. well i think i am at that place right now. usually i am a tons of paper layers very busy kind of gal. lately, i have been using tons of embellishments and trying to keep it a little simpler. i am always drawn to messy though and rarely ever like things very symmetrical.

anyways enough mumbo jumbo. you came here to get inspire-d right. well here are tons of layouts that i have been stuffing into my inspiration folder on the computer. enjoy!

i could so scraplift this. i love that sticker from sassafras and have been wanting to use it. i love the misting too. i am such a scaredy cat when it comes to misting though. i think it's a commitment problem. hehe.

been wanting to use the be our guest collection but i find it hard to make it fit my style. this layout rocks though.

love the mess of this. it just works.

umm this color combo..2 words..da bomb.

love how this is spread out over the whole page.

another one that i just really wanna scraplift.

gotta love some corrugated cardboard.

ahhh. this is so the style that i love lately. simple but messy. and of course the misting adds so much. i gotta learn how to commit to misting.

this is the only non-layout. you gotta love this though. i wanna make one for lu's room. she would love it.

love all the little pieces and strips around the edges.

really simple. really pretty.

really like the way it looks like the layout was done on the white cardstock and then put on top of all those layered papers. great effect.

saw this one in october afternoon's booth at CHA. loved it then. love it now.

love how this one has a grid but it doesn't look too symmetrical.

like how the picture is the focus and you don't need much else.

another one of those messy and pretty ones.

okay when i saw this one on the sassafras blog i went take out those number cards and have been trying like a fool to find a pic to use. i will be scraplifting this and i will not be apologizing for it. i really like this layout. a lot.

love the colors.

another one that i like because it is so spread out.

really like all the little hearts.

the next few layouts are from a designer jen jockish. she is definately one of my faves. she has a very messy style. i can pick out her work from anywhere. she throws things on the page and it never ends up looking busy. it is always so visually perfect. she designs for two peas and studio calico and i think october afternoon. anyways here are some of her layouts. you needa check her out if you like her style.

love love love the huge heart. i would never put a big ole heart on my layout but this one rocks.

love how she used stars, hearts, circles, and clouds. i usually stick to one shape on a layout but i needa get outta my box i guess.

oh god be still my heart. i just really really love this. so much going on but, to me, it doesn't look too busy and some how the picture still pops.

love the layering of all of the glitz stuff. love the ribbon bow too.

so there ya go. lots of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. anyone else wanna go make something now? i know i do.

we have lots of new stuff here in the store so come in and get some stuff and get busy creating.

hope u have a very inspire-d wednesday.


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  1. Awesome post Ashley, I really like seeing all the new ideas. I rarely go looking for them online.